Manners Month Extra Challenges

Hey Parents and Kids!  Here is a list of the extra challenges for Manners month.  Please feel free to award the child the points with the exception of the “most polite”.  We will do this in class.  This list may grow as the month goes on.  Remember, Games Day for Manners is November 7th.  Children need 100Pts x their age to attend and receive the patch, and any bonus points go toward the possible winner of Games Day, who will receive a special prize such as a t-shirt, a patch, the chance to be an assistant instructor during class and kick the dodgeball after class.  Enjoy!

  1. Listen to your parents the first time until the end of manners month +400 Pts.
  2. Help out during a Little Champs class +100 Pts.
  3. The most polite child in class.  (Answering “amazing” when asked how you are, helping new students, saying please and thanks.  After class remembering to say “thank you for teaching me.” +200Pts Bonus Points on Games Day
  4. Helping out before class to clean the school up +40Pts