Why Gracie Combatives?

Sometimes, people ask me why we teach the courses we teach.  Why teach beginners Gracie Combatives instead of any other beginners Jiu Jitsu techniques?  The simple reason is this:  It is the most helpful system and program to the students and public that come in our door looking for something effective, useful, and fun.  I also believe it is our responsibility to give people the most realistic, effective, fundamental core techniques and mindset we can, from the beginning, and as efficiently as possible.

For Beginners:  Gracie Combatives is the only course that comprehensively teaches and shows the most common bad guy behaviours in a street fight and what the most efficient and effective techniques to respond to those attacks are.  We want to get all of our students started off on the right foot.  There has been a rise in focus in recent years on the sportive part of Jiu Jitsu first, instead of self defense, which does not require awareness of what happens in a real altercation.   The student is initiated into a sportive environment right away, which focuses on situations that will not be useful in a self defense scenario.  We believe this method produces mixed results and never allows students to become 100% ready to defend themselves in a real situation.

For Children: Gracie BullyProof is the highest quality course for kids we have ever seen.  Giving children a voice, teaching them about being better, more conscious, willing to protect and defend themselves.  Check out this article from Oprah Winfrey:  http://www.oprah.com/relationships/bullyproof-your-child-for-life

For Women:  Women Empowered is the only course of it’s kind that we have ever seen.  A course that uses government and police statistics on common attack behaviours from both stranger and non-stranger assaults teaching effective and intelligent strategies from each portion of an attack, from awareness, to establishing vigilant boundaries, to using escapes, reversals and submissions to survive a deadly attack.  Check out this profile on ABC News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE5ufCSeWp8

Finally, Gracie University.  One of the most comprehensive ways to learn anything, is to be able to review, or preview the knowledge anytime, as well as practice in an increasingly realistic manner.  Gracie University is not just a simple overview of technical lessons though.  They have many more resources, such as training logs, technical documents, a forum, philosophy of martial arts videos and sparring videos.  It’s a vast and impressive resource.  It simply makes learning Jiu Jitsu way more efficient.