BullyProof Spring Break 2019 | North Vancouver Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Vancouver
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The Gracie BullyProof Camp at NVGJJ is Back!

March 25th-29th, 2019

What’s it all about?

From March 25th-29th, 2019, North Vancouver Gracie Jiu Jitsu will again be hosting the Gracie BullyProof Summer Camp! The camp will take place Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm.

Who’s the camp for?

This BullyProof camp is specially designed for school kids aged 5 to 14 years old.

What will my kids learn?

Gracie BullyProof teaches kids the fundamental core basics of non-violent, effective self-defence starting with:

  • Awareness
  • Using your voice and setting boundaries
  • When to defend yourself verbally or physically
  • All 6 character development chapters: responsibility, health, respect, citizenship, manners, and caring.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $295 (+tax) for the first member of the family.

A 15% discount is offered for the second family member and 25% discount for the third!

What are the benefits?

Unshakable Confidence with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Bullies target children who don’t stand up for themselves. By giving your child the non-violent Gracie Jiu-Jitsu techniques to neutralize a physical attack, they will have the confidence to take a stand against bullies before the harassment spirals out of control.

Verbal Self-defense Training

Verbal harassment is more common, and often times more damaging, than physical harassment. To ensure your child is ready to identify and overcome these inevitable attacks, we conduct a series of specific role-playing exercises each day of the camp.

Character Development & Drug Defense

The connection we develop with the camp participants is strong, and we use this connection to instill the life lessons that every child needs. Each day we choose a different topic, from discipline & healthy living to drug defense and abduction prevention, so your child is ready for life beyond the playground.

Fun & Fitness for Kids of All Ages

Kids don’t like to exercise, but they love to play games and have fun. Each morning the camp begins with the “animal warm-up,” then throughout the day, we play a host of games designed to give your son or daughter the exercise they need & the fun they thrive on!

Still not sure?

Have a look at these videos by the designers of the Gracie BullyProof Program and get a sense of what your kids can learn

Gracie BullyProof intro video

Parent preparation video

Ready to register? Amazing!

Register today because space is limited.  Every year this event reaches capacity!

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You’ll be contacted by Marc or someone at the academy with options about how to pay for the camp…