Valuable Training Tips

Hey everyone,

Here are 3 valuable training tips for the week.  This may become a regular thing, or the original posting may be edited as the tips accumulate.

  • Appreciate each technique for what it is.  No one technique answers all problems.  When we are learning new techniques, allow as much of it as possible to absorb without worrying about countering it.  Only worry about countering it after you’ve drilled it enough to feel like you understand the spirit of the move
  • While sparring, we should be creating as many opportunities as possible to practice the technique of the day.  That means, not just creating it for ourselves to practice, but for our partner to see the opportunity for it and give it a shot as well.  This goes for live sparring, positional sparring and of course regular practice
  • Asking questions is cool, it is very encouraged and possibly the window to owning the growth and learning that is possible that day.  However, asking questions about countering a move before you’ve drilled it once, seems counter-productive.  Give it a shot, then work out it’s limitations, as all techniques have.  Knowing a technique’s limitations will help us master the move, but also know that other options will always be available.