All we have is time

On the martial artists path, there is a lot to learn.  Once we learn fundamental self defence concepts, there is the next level of defenses and strategies, health, learning the deeper philosophy of the art, and changing our lifestyle until each aspect of it is reflected on same level as a pursuit of efficiency and mastery.  Sometimes it feels like we want to learn it all at once!

One thing to remember is that there is no rush for the next belt.  Chasing knowledge means we go about it in the most methodical, studious, effective and efficient way possible.

Receiving recognition feels amazing.  The main way in the martial arts that we receive recognition is when we get that next belt or stripe.  The thing is there are many other ways to notice improvement.  Positional comfort and eventually aiming for mastery.  Feeling more fluid, energized and stimulated by the training and how it transfers to other areas of our lives is another.

I always tell people that are looking for improvement, mastery and a very valuable challenge to complete a BBS course.  It takes a good amount of dedication to complete,  and it is a very closeup look at the next techniques you want to build as your base, you can always branch out from there!  Let me know if you’re interested.