Calm awareness is superior to hyper vigilance

Pondering on the hyper-vigilant state, means we are doing everything we can to control the outcome of what matters to us.  When it comes to Jiu Jitsu, hyper vigilance can sometimes lead to tunnel vision.  Take for example when someone is trying to apply a choke on you from their guard.  If you do everything you can to fight the choke, we are probably vulnerable to the next move, whether is a sweep, or an armlock.

Calmness allows us to remain in full awareness while not giving too much or too little credit to each individual threat.  By owning our breathing, heart rate, and ability to observe, we allow ourselves to flow into the most beneficial, defence or counter.

Give yourself ample time to develop skill, experience on the mat, and natural reflexes, through drilling and mindful sparring and problem solving in order to be able to access the full spectrum of your technique.  At any given stage of the game, if we lose focus of what Jiu Jitsu is all about; energy efficiency, natural body movement, and technique that works regardless of age, size or experience, we are vulnerable to feeling that we have to do more than we have to, instead of being aware and reacting as necessary.