Great Hygiene is Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is the art of gentleness, the art of defending.  The art of not getting hurt, and not hurting our opponent unless absolutely necessary (life or death situations).  So if we take this concept and how it breaks down, and we apply it to different aspects of life, we see how it also applies to different aspects of hygiene.

Breath-  Always brush right before class. Minty fresh breath is phenomenal.  Coffee breath or worse is unacceptable.

Uniform- A 100% freshly washed, clean gi, or rash guard and shorts for every single class, no exceptions.  Clean uniforms are available to rent for $10.

Body Odour- A clean body (shower if necessary), a light deodorant, free of extra strong perfumes or scents is a must.  No scent is good.

ToeNails and Finger Nails- Absolutely trim toenails and fingernails.  Too dangerous to train with people with long nails, it can cause a scar and has been known to cause blindness if accidentally brushing the eye ball.

Hair- Clean hair, tied back and out of the way if long.

Other serious considerations: If you are sick, stay home.  If your partner is sick, tell them you can’t risk getting sick right now.  If you have a skin condition, find out what it is from the doctor, and follow her exact advice until the situation is not a problem for you or your training partners.

Staying on task.  A partner that doesn’t stay on task and behaves in an overly talkative, neurotic manner, is also not pleasant to train with.  No one wants to leave a class feeling like if their partner drilled a little more and talked a little less they would’ve actually learned something.  Same with someone who resists each repetition with unnecessary strength or foreknowledge of the move.  Allow for repetition, it will pay off in the long run.  Increase resistance slowly, deliberately, and with your partners growth against untrained striking opponents becomes rock solid.

Things to bring in your bag: deodorant, facecloth and or towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, nail, clippers, hair ties if applicable, and a spare gi is always good to have close by.  I hope this helps!